5 Best Heavy Duty Camping Chairs – Seats with Support

Whether you are a big-and-tall camper, or you just want a chair that will hold up over the years, it’s a good idea to find the best heavy duty camping chair to bring along on your outdoor trips. A high weight capacity, a large seating area, sturdiness, durability, and comfort, are just a few of the great benefits the best chairs provide. Whether you are shopping for one or multiple chairs, the best way to find the right fit is to compare several camping chairs before selecting one.

Let’s take a look at the five best heavy duty camping chairs.


The 5 Best Heavy Duty Camping Chairs

5. Kijaro Heavy Duty Camping Chair

Kijaro Heavy Duty Camping Chair


If you are seeking out the ultimate in comfort, a spacious seat, and easy setup and breakdown, then look no further than the Kijaro Dual-Lock Camping Chair. This chair is one of our favorites to bring on trips. The no-sag seating will retain its form over the years, and the portable, dual-locking mechanism won’t crack, cave, or crumble under pressure. The durable diamond, ripstop polyester can withstand the elements outside, and won’t tear easily regardless of how much weight you place in it.

Best Features

Some great selling points this heavy-duty camping chair offers include:

  • A breathable mesh finish on the back of the chair so you remain cool, regardless of how warm the campsite is.
  • The dual-lock chair has two cup holders for you to keep your favorite beverages next to you.
  • It has a side organizer, with a zippered mesh bag to keep small items, food, or accessories nearby.
  • You receive a carrying bag and carrying strap with the chair to easily transport it from one location to another

This chair also supports up to a 300-pound weight capacity, locks open for added stability, and locks shut for you to easily transport it with you anywhere.

Worst Features

However, this chair does have a few drawbacks worth mentioning, including:

  • Some customers complain about loose bolts and nuts on the chair, which detract from its stability.
  • The fabric does tear after extensive use and some owners complain it isn’t the sturdiest of material finishes.

Overall, the chair is affordable and features a nice design. However, there are a few detractors that might cause you to think twice before investing in this camping chair.


4. King Camp Moon Saucer Camping Chair

King Camp Moon Saucer Camping Chair


We are big fans of the King Camp Moon Saucer Camping Chair. If you are looking for something a little different than your traditional camping chair, this it. The round design features an extra-large seat cushion and padding throughout, for added comfort. A sturdy base and frame add to the durability of this great, comfortable camping chair.

Best Features

The Moon Saucer chair has several great features, including:

  • A rugged, stainless-steel frame with bolted studs for stability.
  • Weight capacity of up to 300 pounds.
  • The durable, 600D fabric is wear-resistant so can withstand heavy use over the years.
  • There’s a cooler back to keep drinks warm and a side pocket for storage
  • The round design is larger than standard camping chairs for greater coverage.

Worst Features

According to many owners, the Moon Saucer does have a few drawbacks, including:

  • Some customers claim the chair is a little rigid and requires some breaking in.
  • Its legs aren’t as sturdy as the legs on other heavy duty camping chairs.
  • The round base is close to the ground, there’s limited ground clearance below your seat

This is one of the best heavy duty camping chairs available. If you want a dependable chair that has a higher weight capacity, and features a unique design. It is a little pricier than other chairs, however, the quality is impressive.


3. Coleman Big-n-Tall Quad Camping Chair

Coleman Big-n-Tall Quad Camping Chair


Another great, heavy-duty chair is the Coleman Big-n-Tall Quad Camping Chair. Manufactured by one of the leading names in outdoor and camping gear, you know you’re getting one of the best heavy duty camping chairs with this Coleman seat. The oversized seat and large feet help add a level of comfort, and increased stability below you, so you know you’re not going to tip or fall over when seated in this camping chair.

Best Features

  • A heavy-duty frame and large, sturdy legs keep the chair stable on smooth or rough terrain.
  • It is water-resistant and can protect electronics if you store them in the side pocket.
  • This chair features a draining seat design so water doesn’t pool if it’s raining outside.
  • It includes a one-year limited warranty on the parts and mechanisms.
  • The 600-pound weight capacity trumps that of other heavy-duty chairs, so you know it won’t crack or crumble below you.

Worst Features

Some issues/complaints worth mentioning include:

  • The front bars below your legs protrude towards the front of the chair which is a little uncomfortable while sitting.
  • Some owners claim the design of the chair is squishy and isn’t very comfortable for long periods.
  • The seat has no cushioning or padding, so it is a little uncomfortable for longer durations.

Overall, the weight capacity of this chair is nearly double that of the next chair on the list. So, if heavyweight capacity is what you’re looking for, this is the chair to consider. It’s also affordable and manufactured by a reliable name-brand, so you can trust the quality.


2. Best Choice Zero Gravity Chairs

Best Choice Zero Gravity Chairs


The Best Choice Set of Two Zero Gravity Chairs is a great deal for a fantastic set of chairs. Essentially, you are getting two heavy duty camping chairs for the price of one. The seats are UV-resistant, and they can hold up to 250 pounds, which is a little less than the other chairs on this list. The UV-resistant mesh is great for outdoor weather conditions and colors won’t fade away over time. 

Best Features

These Zero Gravity Chairs have a few great features, including:

  • The UV-protection and they are available in multiple colors.
  • The chairs feature a smooth, locking reclining mechanism so you can kick your feet back and relax.
  • The chairs come with a detachable tray for food, drinks, or for you to keep a book on while you are reading outside. 
  • Headrests are removable and foldable for storage.
  • You can easily lock the chairs, and mechanisms in place for easy storage.

Worst Features

Some common owner complaints include:

  • The weight capacity is only 250 pounds, meaning these chairs don’t technically qualify as “heavy-duty”.
  • A few reviewers indicate the legs and metal portions of the chairs begin to rust over time.
  • The chairs are a little bulkier, so they are more difficult to store and don’t fold away as easily as the other chairs on this list.

If you want two great chairs for the price of one, this is a great buy. However, if you are looking for the best heavy duty camping chairs, these don’t have weight capacity quite as high as our other top heavy-duty chairs do.


1. KingCamp Heavy Duty Director’s Folding Chair

KingCamp Director's Folding Chair


We absolutely love the KingCamp Heavy Duty Folding Chair. Several of us own it — and seriously, we recommend it. For those who like comfort, design, and durability, this is one of the best heavy duty camping chairs to invest in. The director-style chair features a folding mechanism for easy storage; additionally, the chair features padding throughout the seat, back, and entire frame, for the highest levels of comfort imaginable.

Best Features

The KingCamp Chair has some fantastic features, including:

  • A weight capacity of 396 pounds — more than any other chair on our list, and one of the highest capacities on the chair market.
  • The rugged steel frame and legs won’t crack under pressure.
  • The seats, headrest, and back are fully padded for added comfort for long periods while sitting.
  • It folds in seconds and includes carrying handle for easy transport.
  • This folding chair includes a lifetime warranty, so you’re covered in the event of damage or problems with the folding mechanisms

Worst Features

While the chair is fantastic, there are a few things that some owners have complained about.

  • The price is a little higher than competitor chairs of a similar weight capacity/range.
  • Some owners complain the material finishes aren’t as well-made/durable as the manufacturer claims.
  • The chair doesn’t include a carrying case, it only folds up for transport. However, when folded, there is a strong carrying handle.

With this chair, the primary drawback is the price. However, it is well made, strong, features excellent design, and high-quality material finishes. 



Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Heavy Duty Camping Chair

When shopping for the best heavy duty camping chair, what characteristics and features are most important to consider? Let’s take a look.

Weight Capacity

Heavy-duty means more weight. Therefore, you’ll want to choose a camping chair that is capable of carrying your body weight, and a little more if possible. This not only guarantees you are safe while seated, but if you choose to add any weight/layers, you know the chair will not crumble below you.

Legs, Stability, and Frame

With a heavy-duty chair, you want something sturdy. High-quality chairs have a solid stainless-steel base, durable legs, and a sturdy base that can remain level of even/uneven grounding.

Collapsible Design & Ease of Transport

When you go camping often you want something easy to transport. You do not want to lug around a 30 pounds chair, so look for lightweight one, with a solid frame. The chair should fold easily, include a carrying bag (or handles) for ease of transport. 


What key features does the chair include? Some things to look for are:

  • Folding/locking mechanisms
  • A large bucket seat design
  • Comfortable material and padding 
  • Carrying bag
  • Reclining
  • Cup holders
  • Storage bag

These are a few of the many features you might want to look for when choosing your new heavy-duty camping chair. To learn more about what makes a great chair, check out our full guide to camping chairs.


Heavy Duty Camping Chair FAQ

Are the camping chairs washable? 

Yes. Most of the best heavy duty camping chairs are washable. They’ll either feature a polyester material finish, something waterproof or resistant, or a padded material finish that can be removed and washed. If you use your chair regularly you want to make sure it’ll hold up over time. Therefore, you’ll want to look for a camping chair that’s easy to care for and that you can wash if there are stains, or it gets dirty on the camping trails.

Are the parts on camping chairs replaceable?

If you lose the legs, the caps on the bottom of the legs, a carrying case, or other parts of your camping chair, most companies offer replaceable parts. You can usually order these online, directly through the manufacturer, or purchase generic parts (for something like cup holders or a spare pillow for your chair). Depending on the part, you can usually find it through the manufacturer’s site or a third-party online site for sale.

What is considered a “heavy-duty chair”?

Technically, a heavy-duty chair is anything that can carry 250 pounds or heavier. But, you’re going to choose something capable of carrying your body weight (at least), and a little extra weight for good measure. The better heavy-duty chairs will have a weight capacity of 300 pounds or higher. Some manufacturers even offer chairs that can hold 500 pounds or heavier. It depends on where you order the chair, the manufacturer, and how much weight you need it to hold. There are plenty of options available when you’re looking for a chair that is capable of carrying your body weight, plus a little extra.


Final Thoughts

When choosing the best heavy duty camping chairs you have options. For the best all-around chair in terms of weight capacity, nothing comes close to the Coleman Big-n-Tall Chair. The 600-pound weight capacity can hold virtually anyone. The sag proof design and rounded bottom allows water to drain in the event it’s raining while you sit in the chair. And, the affordable price point (and reputable Coleman name) are key selling points to consider.

For overall quality, the KingCamp Director’s Chair is the top pick. It includes a lifetime warranty. The chair features a solid frame, padding throughout the seat/body, and a high weight capacity of close to 400 pounds. It doesn’t come with a carrying case and is on the higher price range, but the quality and lifetime warranty, are key selling points to consider for those who want quality above all else.

Happy camping!

Is there a well-built, durable chair that you love to bring camping? Let us know, we’d love to try it out! Please leave any thoughts or feedback in the comments section below.



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