4 Best Reclining Camping Chairs – Comfortable Outdoor Seating!

When it’s time to kick back and relax outdoors, there is no better seating choice than a comfortable, reclining camping chair. The quality of your chair can make a huge difference in how enjoyable your camping trip, barbeque, or outdoor trip will be. Over the years, camping chairs have seen a remarkable improvement in their available features, styles, and overall design. In terms of comfort, the greatest improvement has arguably been the ability to recline. Let’s take a look at a few of our favorite reclining camping chairs.


The 4 Best Reclining Camping Chairs

To help you choose your own perfect reclining camping chair, we are going to take an in-depth look at each of these models and explain what we love about them. For each chair, you will find a review, product highlights, features, and more. Sit down and get comfortable! (pun intended).

4.  Seatopia Camping Recliner Chair

Seatopia’s vision for comfort and portability is more than apparent with their Camping Recliner Chair. Unlike fixed camping chairs with the set scissor base design, this chair incorporates a reclining back and an elevated foot rest. When collapsed, it fits in the similar footprint of a traditional camping chair. The lightweight steel structure and mesh backing allows for a hefty 300-lb. capacity while remaining lightweight and easy to pack.


In addition to the multi-function design, this chair features a few standard conveniences like a cup holder and storage bag for small items and beach-side essentials. Plus, a removable pillow provides an added touch and extra comfort for the occasional tan session or mid-day nap.


The quality is apparent with 600D oxford fabric, PVC pads and durable components – all without adding weight. Plus, the versatility of the reclining back allows for more uses than a traditional camp chair. It is easy to pack while collapsed and light enough to be shouldered with ease at 9.65 lbs.


Initial setup can be tricky and sitting in the chair takes a bit of getting used to since the footrest is always elevated. The fairly large footprint has a tendency to be cumbersome when moving the chair around after it is set up. And, in some cases, the length may be too short for tall individuals.


3.  Phi Villa Zero Gravity Reclining Camping Chair

Phi Villa Zero Gravity Reclining Camping Chair


This Phi Villa Zero Gravity Outdoor Chair incorporates the features of a high-end recliner that you can enjoy on your next long-term outing on the patio or around the campfire. The oversized padded seat and back provide added comfort to every adjustable, locking recline position. Plus, sturdy construction and design features allow for up to 350 lbs. and adequate seating for individuals up to 6’2” tall.


The back padding on this chair creates a more comfortable lounge experience than what you’d expect from a stretched fabric base. Plus, the recline and leg support operate in tandem to provide back and leg support in one smooth motion. This Phi Villa Chair also comes with a removable padded headrest, wood patterned armrests, and a side-mounted tray with cup holder.


The heavy-duty construction and oversized dimensions are ideal for taller individuals with a taller back and longer leg rest. It’s also easy to set up and move. There are five different color options to fit just about any patio’s outdoor design palate.


At 36 inches square, and 6 inches thick when collapsed, this may not be the best option for packing on a hike or backpacking trip. The sturdy construction comes with the drawback of a heavier overall product at 24.8 lbs. While it is more mobile than a living-room recliner, it may still require a fair amount of space while traveling or storing during the off-season.


2.  Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Reclining Camping Chair

Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Reclining Camping Chair


The Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Reclining Chair is a high-end option worth its weight. It has a resilient polyester pad with powder-coated steel frame and natural wood accents that set it apart from the competition. The zero-gravity recliner has a patented locking system that allows full range and secure positioning.


When fully reclined, this chair provides 72 inches of support and a 350-lb. capacity. The fluid reclining motion and ergonomic design allows for full body support in any position. It also comes with a detachable pillow that can be used as a headrest or lumbar support, as well as a detachable cup holder.


The durable polyester fabric allows for easy cleaning and breathability while remaining waterproof and resilient. Powder-coated steel components add to the durability and longevity when packed around or subject to aggressive wear and tear. The overall seat footprint and length contribute to highly-rated comfort for the big-and-tall gameday lounge lizard.


The natural wood armrests require an added level of care and are easily damaged with prolonged exposure to sunlight or moisture. At 24.6 lbs., it is a bit heavy and extra care for wood components may require that the chair is packed up and stored away when not in use. Some regions may experience rust on grommets depending on exposure to the elements.


1.  Best Choice Zero Gravity Reclining Chair Set

Best Choice Zero Gravity Reclining Chair Set


The Best Choice Zero Gravity Outdoor Chair comes in a set including two separate chairs. This combination provides both comfort and significant value for a set of zero-gravity chairs. The Best Choice Zero Gravity chairs have a UV-resistant Textilene fabric that prevents fading, mildew, and damage that most outdoor chairs are subject to from constant exposure to the elements. It has similar features compared to other zero-gravity lounge chairs, including lockable reclining positions, detachable cup holder, and sturdy steel construction – all at a fraction of competitor price. And as a set of two, it allows you to share the experience with a friend.


These chairs are significantly lighter than similar padded counterparts without sacrificing durability. Each chair has a 250-lb. capacity and replaceable elastic cordage. They come in six colors and some variations have optional rocker legs or adjustable overhead sun shades. The chair measures 61” when fully extended, providing a comfortable zero-gravity experience to the average adult.


The price is far and away the best value for a zero-gravity lounger. The weight also contributes to the versatility of this chair. At about 18.7 lbs. each, they are significantly lighter than similar zero-gravity models. The lightweight portability allows for easier transport during daily outings away from home, making it a solid choice for both daily outings and a sound patio presence. Additionally, this makes the chairs a great option for backpacking or hiking, especially over long distances.


The twist-screw locking mechanism has the potential to become a pinch point and must be securely seated for it to be properly engaged. Larger individuals may struggle with the size limitations or comparatively lightweight construction. Like many metal products, owners in coastal areas will typically observe signs of rust over time.


Reclining Camping Chair FAQs

Is it possible to recline camping chairs to a flat position?

No. While reclining camping chairs do recline back pretty far, they do not reach a flat position.

Are camping chair sets attached to each other?

No. When you purchase a set of two camping chairs, you will receive two separate, individual chairs. The two chairs are not attached or connected. 

This is also the case for the set of Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Outdoor Chairs that we recommended.

Is there any assembly required for camping chairs?

Reclining camping chairs arrive ready to set up and use, with no assembly required. For transportation and storage, the chairs collapse and fold up into a compact shape. Many camping chairs also include a carry bag.


Final Thoughts

A high-quality reclining camping chair is a great way to take a load off after a long day. They are a perfect seating option to bring along while camping, backpacking, or hiking. Additionally, they are also great for most other outdoor activities and events including beach trips, sports games, fire pit barbecues, and more. 

Zero gravity loungers and reclining camp chairs are a major improvement from traditional patio furniture. These chairs provide as much comfort as your living room lounger but with the portability and construction to last a lifetime if well cared for. 

When selecting a chair, don’t forget to pay close attention to weight ratings and comfort levels for taller individuals. Regardless of which chair you choose, these top-ranking chairs will make you feel like you’re on cloud nine anywhere you decide to take them.

Happy Camping!



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