5 Best Tents With Screened Porches and Rooms – Camping Without The Bugs

Screened porches are a fantastic tent feature that is often overlooked. Similar to the porch or sun room of a home, the screened porch separates the tent’s sleeping area from the relaxation area. A screened porch provides the unique ability to combine the relaxation of the outdoors with the security and comfort of being inside. The screen prevents insects and rodents from entering while still providing a cool, relaxing breeze. These porches are a great addition to family camping tents and can really increase the overall quality of your camping trips, especially if the campground has a lot of insects or mosquitoes flying around.


The 5 Best Tents with a Screened Porch

5. Coleman Steel Creek Fast Pitch Dome Tent with Screen Room, 6-Person

Coleman Steel Creek Tent with Screen Porch Room


The Coleman Steel Creek is a fast-assembly camping tent with a screen room for 6 people that provides extensive sleeping space and a separate porch. Coleman promises 7-minute assembly due to an efficient design. Coleman’s “WeatherTec” technology enables complete weather sealing which keeps the interior dry from top to bottom. Durable polyguard fabric wraps the steel frames and secures the material from destruction (caused by friction with the ground). The floors are completely waterproof.

Coleman’s 6-person tent can easily accommodate 2 queen-sized beds in the interior, making it ideal for a 4-person family. Coleman designed an E-Port which you can use to bring electrical current in your tent for extended camping (using a regular extension cord).


  • Portability. The Coleman takes 7 minutes to assemble and fits inside a carrying bag which expands using rip-straps and provides compact storage for the back trunk.
  • E-Port. Provides the ability to bring electricity to the tent using a power extension cord.
  • Inner Storage. The Coleman features multiple storage pockets on the inside that are easy to reach and allow you to store your items such as books and electronics (Smartphone, laptop, tablet, and more).
  • Window Awning. The tent can keep the windows open to enhance air circulation without allowing water penetration.
  • Rain/Wind Resistant. Coleman’s seams are inverted with a strong wind-responsive frame. Needle holes are eliminated and the tent floor holds strong against water, providing complete isolation.


  • Bottom Openings. The bottom where the screen room connects to the main tent has a 6” opening which can’t be closed and might allow small bugs to sneak in (if the tent room is left open).



4. Wenzel Klondike 8 Person Family Camping Tent

Wenzel Klondike Tent with Screen Porch


The Wenzel Klondike Tent is an 8-sleeper porch tent that provides 6.5 ft. headroom at the center and stretches up to 16 ft. long. The Wenzel can comfortably accommodate a large family with their inner belongings as the interior has 987 sq. ft. once fully extended. The main 60 sq. ft. room has “zip walls” that close off the room from the “lobby” room where you exit the tent, keeping the Wenzel safe from all insects. The porch room can serve as a relaxation room. Wenzel Klondike features a mesh roof with two mesh windows that keep the air ventilation kicking without allowing in insects. A ground vent opens up the space for ground ventilation.


  • Weather Sealed. The Wenzel is completely weather-sealed thanks to strong polyurethane coating that provides 100% water-resistance at each side of the tent. The seams have double-stitching and the zippers are reinforced to repel water.
  • Storage Room. Inside the tent you’ll find sewn storage pockets that can store electronics and other important items.
  • Wind-Residence. The frame is sturdy using fiberglass for the frame and 4 “Power Corners” which stabilizes the tent under strong wind pressure.
  • 10-Year Warranty. The Wenzel comes with a 10 year warranty on all defects.


  • Reduced Air Ventilation. If you close the rainfly at night to prevent rain this can reduce the air circulation in the room and make the room unpleasantly hot.



3. Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent with Screen Room

Coleman WeatherMaster Tent with Screen RoomCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

The Coleman WeatherMaster is a large 6-person tent featuring a floorless screen room, “WeatherTec” isolation against water, hinged door including and an electric E-port. The tent features inverted seams which help stay dry and a rainfly for additional isolation against rain. The Coleman WeatherMaster is made of long-lasting polyguard fabric that is ideal for all 4 seasons. Coleman promises a 20-minute assembly time on the WeatherMaster and the tent comes with a carry-on and for easy storage.


  • Two Rooms. The Coleman has two main rooms that can accommodate 6 people with 17 feet of space on the inside + 6’10 height in the center. The rooms are separated by a zip door – this door separates the screened room from the storage space. The campers can cook meals, relax and storage their luggage comfortably in the extensive interior.
  • Coleman “Comfort System”. Coleman’s trademark “Comfort System” enables high-level ventilation control using “Variflow” adjustability. This is combined with a Cool-Air privacy port and a mesh ceiling. On the side there is an E-port for electric access that allows campers to run cords from an external power source or an internal electric device. On the sides there are storage panels for electronics and personal belongings that campers need within reach.
  • 20-Minute Assembly. Coleman promises a swift 20-minute assembly process. Two campers only have to extend two color-coded poles, align the fiberglass poles and adjust the pole sleeves. The tent comes with instructions and a carry bag.


  • Lack Of Bottom Zippers. The separation between tent walls and the main tent area can be closed with a zipper but the bottom of the fly doesn’t have zippers.  


2. NTK INDY GT 3 to 4 Person 12 by 7 Foot Outdoor Dome Family Camping Tent

The NTK INDY GT Camping Tent is a mid-level tent that can accommodate 4-5 people for comfortable camping in the outdoors. NTK tents combine inventive technological features with simplicity. The INDY GT is easy to assemble and 100% weather-sealed. It will keep you dry on your camping trip while providing extensive storage space. Details on the INDY GT were carefully designed and double-checked for safety.


  • Nano-Flex Technology. The NTK frame employs Nano-Flex technology which connects the inner mechanical structure of the tent such as the tent poles and the galvanized steel parts. This provides maximum safety under strong winds and rain.
  • Waterproof Floors. The bottom features a silver-coated layer with anti-fungus polyethylene, a seamless material which keeps the floor dry even when it’s lying in a pool of water. You will never experience paddling or water leaks at the bottom of the tent.
  • Micro Mesh. NTK’s “micro mesh” material ensures air circulation can penetrate the tent while micro insects can’t – many tents only prevent large insects from entering but small ones might sneak in. The micro mesh keeps all insects out of the tent (large or small).
  • Swift Assembly. The NTK takes the least to assemble of all screened porch tents – assembly can be as prompt as 5 minutes. NTK installed a “pin and ring” system that allows for speedy assembly with minimal effort. It’s possible for a single person to assemble the tent and this shifts the focus on enjoying the outdoors rather than fiddling with the assembly.


  • Plastic Pole Attachment Clips. The “tent-to-tent” pole attachments are made of frail plastic that is not the most reliable material under heavy winds.



1. CORE 11 Person Family Cabin Tent with Screen Room

Core 11 Person Family Cabin Tent with Screen Room


This CORE Family Cabin Tent is a large screened porch tent that can accommodate up to 11 adults – making it suitable for 2 or 3 families camping at the same time. The interior is large with a 12′ x 10′ floor cabin and an 8′ 7′ screen room with 7″ height. This tent has the ability to fit 3 queen sized beds on the interior with plenty of storage space leftover. The CORE’s front room is separated from the sleeping quarters and opens up with a zip locker. This allows campers to unzip the door in the morning and be welcomed with a beautiful view of the outdoors.


  • Cross-Ventilation System. The CORE features an advanced ventilation system that keeps campers cool during warm evenings and enables air penetration, while the hot air can be pushed out through a large mesh ceiling. This provides dual ventilation which can keep the interior warm or cool (depending on the seasonal requirements).
  • 100% Water Resistant. The fabrics are completely water-resistant but they are thermally-resistant as well. In effect, if the water accumulates it’s not going to make the ground or the interior cold. There are seals on all doors and windows that keep water out of the tent.
  • Electric Port. CORE has an access port for electricity where you can run an extension cord or a cable to bring power into the tent. The electric port on the CORE can be closed off when it’s not in use.
  • Large Carry Bag. The CORE comes with a 210D polyester carry back that unzips and makes packaging in the trunk straight-forward.


  • Single Entrance. This is an extremely large tent and there is no entrance except through the screen room. The campers entering the main tent will have to enter through the screen room.


Screened Porch Tent Benefits

Your Own Space To Cook, Store Luggage & Sleep

Screened porch tents are giant tents that have a porch area where you can lay out your items the same as a regular house porch: you can cook, sleep and leave luggage there without any insects sneaking in. They are also great for stargazing. Premium porches are weather-sealed while others let air flow which leaves you exposed to wind and rain. The average price for a screened porch tent is between $150-300 and this makes them an excellent purchase for extensive camping trips.

Protection From Insects, Predators And Weather

Think mosquitoes and flies are your biggest problem? Wait until you see the bigger predators. What if you wake up one morning and you find Scorpions and Tarantulas crawling around your bed? Safety is the #1 concern when purchasing a screened porch tent for deep-woods camping adventures, especially if you bring kids along. Family camping requires extra protection to separate the sleeping area away from the porch area. We handpicked the safest screened porches with the hardest isolation against the wild.

Regardless of whether you’re heading out for a family trip in the local camping grounds or you’re driving 3000 miles to a National Park, you’ll need a tent that can facilitate the kind of camping experience that makes you feel “at home”: you’ll need a tent that provides the right amount of space and protection from insects and keeps you safe from moisture/bad weather. The top 5 screened porch tents provide all that at once (the main difference is their size – certain tents are larger while others are considered ‘compact’)



Frequently Asked Questions

How Large Should The Screened Porch Tent Be?

If you purchase a screened porch camping tent, always opt for sizes that can accommodate 2-4 more people than what you actually need. Example: If you’re a 4-person family, opt for a 6-person tent. The reason you need the extra space is because you will need luggage storage for each family member. If you run out of space the tent won’t be able to hold all the people along with their luggage. The extra space will give you ability to stretch out in your own space and enjoy complete serenity in the tent. Large tents have inner-doors that you can use to close off to insects and keep you safe in the sleeping room.

How Long Does Assembly Take On Screened Porch Tents?

The average time for assembling a screened porch is 10-20 minutes for 2 people. Some promise assembly in as little as 5 minutes. This is because they’re all designed for portability. Even though the larger ones heavy, if you bring someone to give you a hand you should be able to assemble them in under 1 hour. Porch tents are not “pop up” tents – they’re much larger and will require at least 2 persons for a full assembly.

Should You Worry About The Screened Porch Tent Height?

Yes and no. If you’re a very tall individual consider purchasing a porch tent with a large height – the height will be the largest in the center. If a tent is advertised as a “7 ft. tall” tent they really mean it peaks at 7 feet at the center. The sides will usually be around 6 ft. in a 7 ft. tent. If the tent is advertised as 6 ft. the sides will be lower than 6 ft.


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