Best 10 Person Tent for the Rain – Keep the Whole Family Dry!

When you are camping with a family of ten, it isn’t easy to keep everyone dry. Still, when the weather turns bad, you need a tent that you can count on.

The best 10 person tent for rain is the Family Cabin Tent from Coleman. It has got a ton of great weather-proofing features that will keep all the rain and flooding out. It is a large tent that easily sleeps 10, so it keeps everyone comfortable, dry,  and safe from the storm.

Let’s take a look at the Coleman’s weather resistant features. 

Weather Resistance

The Family Cabin Tent comes with several impressive weather resistant features. It utilizes Coleman’s patented “Weathertec system”. These features include:

  • Large rainfly. A large, high-quality rainfly sits on top of the tent, which prevents any rain from dripping onto the roof. 
  • Bathtub-style floor. The bathtub-style floor curves upward at the edges, preventing any water from seeping in through the floor or bottom edge of the tent. 
  • Wind-tested frame. The frame of the Family Cabin Tent is tested to withstand winds reaching up to 35 mph.
  • Heat sealed seams. Every seam of the tent is heat-sealed. This makes it impossible for any water to leak through the seams, which tend to be a weak spot on other tent models.
  • Welded corners. The tent has each corner welded shut to provide an extra layer of security from the rain. 

It Sleeps Ten People

With a capacity of 14 x 10 feet, the Family Cabin Tent sleeps up to ten people. If you prefer air mattresses to sleeping bags, there are plenty of room for those. This cabin tent comfortably fits four queen sized air mattresses.

Additionally, the center height of the tent is 79 inches, which is over 6 feet. With its straight cabin walls and high center height, the whole family can comfortably stand and walk around inside. 

Full Review: 10 Person Coleman Family Cabin Tent


We highly recommend this tent for any wet and rainy camping trips. Keep the family dry!

Happy camping!


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