5 Best 6 Person Tents – Bigger Camping Tents for Your Family and Friends

When it comes to camping, this old saying rings true: the more, the merrier. For friend circles and families of six, camping is one of the most fun activities to take part in. However, before you can head out to the camp grounds, you need a tent that’s big enough for the whole crew. While there are a ton 6 person tents available in many different sizes, shapes, and designs, they are not all created equal. After all, a large camping tent is an investment, so it’s important to make a well-informed choice. So, we’ve dug deep and picked out our favorites.

Let’s take a look at the five best 6 person tents.


The 5 Best 6 Person Tents

5. Eureka Copper Canyon 6 Person Tent

Eureka Copper Canyon 6 Person Tent


The Eureka Copper Canyon Tent is a great option for 6 person families or groups. If you are looking for a home away from home, then this tent fits the bill. With a height of 7 feet and an interior floor area of about 100 square feet, the Copper Canyon provides plenty of space and comfort for you and your family or friends.

Rated as a 3 season tent, the Copper Canyon Tent holds up well in wind storms and rain, largely due to its durable fiberglass and steel frame. On the exterior, the Stormshield polyester fabric provides long-lasting water resistance and protection from the elements.

To maximize the interior space, this cabin style tent features straight walls. You can fit multiple air mattresses and/or cots inside and, depending on their size, probably still have enough room to store your gear. For extra storage, you will also find mesh pockets along the inside walls, which are great for keeping personal items safe.

Another feature that we love is the electrical access port. The zippered “E PowerPort” allows you to bring an electrical power cord into your tent to power and charge electronic devices. What’s even cooler is that the access port zips tightly shut around the power cord, rather than leaving an open hole in the tent wall.

Features and Highlights

  • It is a 3 season tent.
  • Durable steel and fiberglass frame.
  • Power access port to meet your electrical needs.
  • Two high-stash storage pockets.
  • Measures 10 x 10 feet in size.
  • With a center height of 7 feet and straight walls, there is a lot of vertical room. Most people will be able to stand up and walk freely inside.

Pros and Cons

  • Spacious and comfortable.
  • At 7 feet high with straight walls, there is room to stand and walk around inside.
  • It is a three-season tent, which means it will work perfectly for most of the year.
  • Has four windows on each wall and one door to allow for natural light and air circulation.
  • The interior pockets provide convenient storage options.
  • Its cabin-style makes it easier to be affected by windy conditions than other tent styles.
  • Restricted anchor points.



4. CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Core 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent


The Core 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent is one of our absolute favorite tents to bring camping. Once you remove the included rainfly, the tent features a transparent mesh ceiling, which is one of our favorite features of any tent we have used. The mesh ceiling is a fantastic feature that makes this the perfect stargazing tent, as well as a great all-around choice for camping during the months with nice weather. You will definitely appreciate the view of the sky, during both the day and night.

For a group of 5 or 6 people, the Core 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent is an ideal choice. With straight walls, a center height of 72 inches, and dimensions of 132 x 108 inches, there is plenty of room for everyone to sleep comfortably. In fact, two queen size air mattresses can fit inside.

One of the best features of this Core tent is the instant set up. With its pre-assembled steel poles, the tent can be pitched in just 60 seconds. Once the poles are extended, the tent is essentially fully set up.

Another notable feature are the large adjustable air vents. There are multiple intake vents around the base of the tent which draw in cool air and circulate it through the tent, creating a cool breeze and lowering the temperature. The vents are adjustable, so you can really fine tune the temperature and breeze to your own preference..

In addition, the inside of the tent includes a few more convenient features. To name a few, there is a lantern hook, wall organizer pouch, and gear loft, which is great for safely storing personal items.

Features and Highlights

  • Dimensions: 108 x 132 inches with a center height of 72 inches.
  • Features lantern hook, loft, and pockets to keep the inside organized.
  • Includes rain fly, gear organizer, tent, and carry bag.
  • Instant set up.
  • Electricity port.

Pros and Cons

  • Well ventilated for air circulation and cooling.
  • Waterproof.
  • It is sturdy and can be used in any season.
  • Has a thought-out, spacious design.
  • Instant set up via pre-attached poles.
  • The flooring material is not overly strong, and thus you may need to use a tarp underneath it
  • There are complaints that the door zipper often gets caught on the flaps that keep out moisture and rain.



3. Coleman Evanston Camping Tent

Coleman Evanston Camping Tent for 6 People


The Coleman Evanston Camping Tent is one of the most popular 6 person tents on the market, and is one of our personal favorites. This dome style camping tent features a spacious interior, measuring 10 x 9 feet with a center height of 5’ 8”. You can easily fit 2 queen size air beds inside. While there is plenty of room for laying down, the dome shape minimizes the height of the tent, meaning that you cannot stand or walk around inside.

This tent utilizes Coleman’s weatherproofing technology, the WeatherTec System, to keep the tent dry and ventilated. Essentially, the WeatherTec System uses welded corners and inverted seams to prevent any rain from leaking inside. Additionally, the dome style design and strong frame ensure that the tent stays firmly on the ground during high winds and storms.

Additional features that really stand out include an electrical access port and a screen room. The “E-port” that allows you to feed an electrical power cable into the tent while the windows and doors remain shut. Also, this is a tent with a screen room, which is essentially a front porch area that allows you to enjoy nature while still protecting you from insects.

Features and Highlights

  • Weatherproof.
  • Conventional pitch.
  • Bug-free view.
  • Spacious interior measuring 10 x 9 feet, with a 5’ 8” center height.

Pros and Cons

  • It comes at an affordable price.
  • It also comes with a nice carry bag for easier packaging.
  • You can use the screen room for viewing and for fishing.
  • The tent is quite spacious and can comfortably fit six persons.
  • Has an effective draining system that allows for quick emptying of rainwater.
  • It has a low height, especially on the sides because of its doom shape.
  • It is not an instant tent, set up will take about 15 minutes.



2. Coleman Montana 6 Person Tent

Coleman Montana 6 Person Tent


The Coleman Montana Tent is another great option for camping groups of six. If you love spending most of your time outdoors, but you like to wake up late, the Coleman Montana 6 is an ideal choice. While most tents tend to come with mesh-paneled walls that allow in light, this tent features an enclosed roof that keeps the inside dark. The Montana Tent blocks UV rays and keeps out 98.4% of the sunlight, which is an amazing feature when you want to sleep in for a few extra hours during sunny mornings.

The Montana tent provides plenty of room for 6 people, measuring 12 x 7 feet with a center height of 5’ 8”. Inside, there is more than enough room for 2 queen size air mattresses or camping cots. While the Montana Tent is not an instant set up tent, the process is pretty easy and the tent cant be completely set up by one person in about 15 minutes.

The exterior of the tent provides a few unique features that we really like. First, the Montana Tent utilizes angled windows, which allow you to keep the windows open while it’s raining, without allowing any water to get inside of the tent. Second, an awning extends over the door which provides a safe area to store dirty shoes and gear. Finally, the tent also features an electrical access port.

Features and Highlights

  • “WeatherTec System” features inverted seams and patented corner welds to lock water out.
  • Extended door awning to keep your gear and shoes dry.
  • Measures 12 by 7 ft. with 5-foot 8-inch center height.
  • Easy set up and carry bag included.

Pros and Cons

  • Features customizable ventilation options for more control.
  • It is waterproof and weatherproof.
  • Offers superior weather protection thanks to inverted seams and welded corners.
  • It is affordable.
  • Electrical access port.
  • It is not an instant tent, set up takes about 15 minutes.



1. Coleman Sundome Tent

Coleman Sundome Tent


The Coleman Sundome Tent is one of the most popular camping tents in the world. That title truly is well deserved; it is by far our favorite 6 person tent for camping. Measuring 10 x 10 feet, the Sundome Tent provides a large interior space that can comfortably fit a six person family or group. Alternatively, there is enough room for 2 queen air mattress beds.

For weather resistance, this camping tent utilizes Coleman’s famous WeatherTac features to keep you dry in any type of weather. The floor is made of polyethylene with waterproof, welded corners. Additionally, for added protection, all of the seams are inverted and then covered. Trust me, no water is getting inside of this bad boy.

Inside of the tent, you will find multiple adjustable ventilation panels that allow you to control the airflow, which gives you the ability to control the breeze and temperature. You will also find large mesh pockets for storage, as well as an electrical power access port.

While the Coleman Sundome Tent is not an instant set up tent, the setup process is very easy. It can be pitched by one person in about 10 minutes.

Features and Highlights

  • WeatherTec system to keep water out.
  • E-port for easy access electrical connection inside your tent.
  • Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 6 feet.
  • Comfortably accommodates six people.

Pros and Cons

  • It is spacious enough to accommodate six people.
  • Offered at a fair price.
  • Enhanced ventilation thanks to large windows.
  • The storage pockets make it easier for you to keep the inside organized.
  • Has a freestanding design.
  • Not an instant tent, the set up process takes about 10 minutes.



Buyer’s Guide: What to Look for in a 6 Person Tent

A Family Camping Inside of a 6 Person TentWhen choosing a 6 person tent, these are a few of the factors that it is important for you to consider.

Size and Capacity

One of the most important factors to consider is the size and capacity of your tent. While a 6 person tent can absolutely fit six people, there won’t be very much extra room. The amount of gear kept in the tent will have to be kept to a minimum.

Oftentimes, groups of friends are not very comfortable using a tent at its maximum capacity, since they will have little personal space to stretch and move around. In situations like these, we recommend that groups of six choose an 8 person tent, which will provide a lot more room to breathe and move around freely. Similarly, two friends will typically have a much better experience camping in a 4 person tent than they would in a tent built for two.

Weather and Season Rating

It is important to think about what type of weather you plan to go camping in. If you are camping during the colder months of the year, we recommend choosing a tent that is capable of withstanding harsh winter weather. For winter camping, 4 season tents are an ideal choice. Four season tents are built to hold up well in high winds and snowy conditions.

The vast majority of other tents are referred to as 3 season tents. 3 Season tents are designed for use during spring, summer, and fall, and are not built to withstand the harsh winter elements. For most families and groups, 3 season tents are typically the best choice. Furthermore, if you only plan to camp in the summer months, you may want to consider a warm weather tent.

Before purchasing a 6 person tent, be sure to take a look at the season rating.


The weight of the tent is an important factor to consider. For backpackers, hikers, and campers who plan to navigate from campsite to campsite, the weight is especially important. If this sounds like you, we recommend opting for a tent that is lightweight and has the ability to clip on to your backpack for easy transport.

On the other hand, for car campers, weight might not be as much of a concern. Generally, if you do not have to carry your camping gear for a long distance, the weight of the tent is not that important of a factor.

Extra Storage Space

Since the area inside the tent is limited, it is a good idea to choose a tent that provides interior storage pockets and hooks to store your gear and small accessories. This ensures that you have a more organized tent and a safe area to store your personal belongings where they will not get lost, stepped on, or broken.


6 Person Tent FAQs

What is the ideal size for a 6 person tent?

Most 6 person tents range in size from 90-120 square feet. This space should fit six average-sized people along with their belongings.

What are the best brands of 6 person tents?

There are many brands that make high quality 6 person tents. A few of the most well-known, trusted, and dependable tent manufacturers include Coleman, Eureka, and Kelty. Generally speaking, Coleman is the most popular brand of camping tents.

What size tent do I need?

The tent size you need depends on the amount of people and gear. A 6 person tent can fit six people with minimal belongings and gear. If your family or group includes people who need their own personal space, you will probably want to opt for a tent with a larger capacity.

For instance, an 8 person tent is an ideal choice for a group of six who would like a bit of extra room for themselves and their gear. Furthermore, it’s also important to consider that a group of six friends may not be comfortable sleeping as close together as a family would. If each person would prefer to have personal space and some room to stretch, the group may even be better off choosing a 10 person tent.


Final Thoughts

For a family or group of friends who want to spend some time outdoors, a 6 person tent is a fantastic choice. Whether it’s for your family or your circle of friends, camping in a large tent with everyone is going to be a blast.

All five of these 6 person tents are great, high-quality options for any camping, hiking, or outdoor trip. However, when it comes down to choosing the best, we highly recommend the Coleman Sundome Tent. It is a fantastic and dependable camping tent that is packed full of great features and sold at an affordable price point. The Coleman Sundome Tent is currently the most popular camping tent on the market — and for good reason. Give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed.


Happy Camping!

Is there another 6 person tent that you love to bring on your camping trips? We would love to try it out! Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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