Coleman Family Cabin Tent Review

Our full review of the 10 person Family Cabin Tent from Coleman.

Round up your friends and family, and hit the camp grounds! The Family Cabin Tent is another camping gem from the masters at Coleman. This tent is huge, with room for 10 people and a center height of nearly seven feet. It’s packed with some very unique features, including the innovative ability to block out sunlight. The Family Cabin Tent is possibly our favorite of the large, family camping tents. Let’s take a look!


Tent Size

Make sure you bring the entire family, because this is one big tent. The Coleman Family Cabin Tent measures 14 x 10 feet big. At the center, the height is 79 inches (6’ 7”). Since it’s a cabin style tent, the walls and ceiling don’t slope down too much, so the height remains high enough to stand up throughout the entire interior. 

Family Cabin Tent Interior With 4 Air Mattresses

Inside of the tent, you can comfortably sleep 10 people. Alternatively, you can fit 4 queen sized air bags inside. There is also a room divider inside for added privacy.


Weather Resistance

This tent can definitely handle some tough weather conditions. The frame has been tested to withstand winds up to 35 mph, so unless you’re camping in the middle of a hurricane, it will hold up. 

In addition, the Family Cabin Tent is equipped with Coleman’s signature weather resistance features. Coleman refers to this as the “Weathertec system”. It includes heat-sealed seams and welded corners to prevent water from leaking in. It also includes a tub-style floor, which prevents water from seeping into the tent floor from the wet ground below. 

Coleman Family Cabin Tent For Camping

Features We Love

We are truly big fans of all the features this tent provides. However, there are two unique features that absolutely stand out: sunlight blocking and 60 second setup.

Sunlight Blocking

Sunlight blocking is such an amazing, effective, and rare feature. Seriously, I can’t put into words how much I love this tent’s ability to block out the light. I use blackout curtains at home, and this feels like I’ve brought that sweet, sweet darkness camping with me. 

The tent uses what Coleman refers to as “dark room technology”. This awesome features blocks 90% of the sunlight from shining through into the tent. Blocking the sunlight provides two awesome advantages. 

First, less sunlight makes the temperature inside the tent significantly cooler and much more comfortable. Additionally, blocking the sunlight helps you sleep in during the super early mornings. In a traditional tent, as the sunlight creeps in and the temperature rises, you will often find yourself wide awake at the crack of dawn. The Coleman Family Cabin Tent, however, lets you comfortably sleep in. We love it. 

60 Second Set Up

Another great feature of the Coleman Cabin Tent is the set up time. From start to finish, setting up the entire tent only takes about 60 seconds. Keep in mind that this tent is fourteen by ten feet wide and almost 7 feet high. The ability to set up such large, family camping tent in just a minute is a rare feature. It is very convenient though — I am personally a huge fan of instant set up tents. Setting up a tent without the instant feature can be time consuming. 




What’s Included?

With the Coleman Family Camping Tent, you are provided with the tent, the rainfly, and a carry bag. The rainfly is very high quality, waterproof, and helps with the sunlight blocking. The carry bag is also heavy duty and will resist wear and tear as the tent is transported. 



  • Capacity: 10 people
  • Size: 14 x 10 feet
  • Height: 79 inches (6’ 7”)
  • Weight: 20 pounds
  • Fabric type: Polyester
  • Also includes: Rainfly and a carry bag.

Family Camping in Coleman Cabin Tent



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