Coleman Montana Tent Review

An in-depth review of the Coleman Montana Tent.

Are you ready to take the family camping? The Coleman Montana Camping Tent could be a perfect addition to your next trip. This is yet another high-quality, family camping tent from the camp gurus at Coleman. The Montana Tent is a large, dome-style tent that provides an exceptionally large interior space. With such a large area, the tent can house up to three queen size air mattresses and sleep up to 8 people at once.

Let’s take a closer look at the Coleman Montana Camping Tent. As we dive in, we will take a look at the tent’s best features, drawbacks, weather resistance, and more.

Coleman Montana Tent Review

Tent Size

The Coleman Montana Tent is a great option for family camping. It sleeps up to a maximum of 8 people. Accounting for gear and allowing room for comfort, this tent realistically sleeps 6-7 people. It measures an impressive 16 x 7 feet and provides a spacious interior. Three queen sized airbags can fit inside.

Coleman Montana Tent Interior Air Mattresses

Tent interior with air mattresses.

At the center, the height of the Coleman Montana Tent is 74 inches, or 6’ 2”. So unless you are exceptionally tall, you are capable of standing up at the center of the tent. However, unlike many other large family camping tents, the Montana is not a cabin style tent. Instead, it is constructed with a dome-style design. This means that the ceiling slopes downward as you stray from the center of the tent. You will not be able to walk around inside.

The positive side to that, however, is that the tent is smaller, lighter, and less expensive than family cabin tents are. Also, do you really need to stand up and walk around inside your tent? Just go outside — tents are for sleeping!


Weather Resistance

Like other high-quality camping tents from Coleman, the Montana utilizes the “WeatherTec system.” This is Coleman’s patented weather protection system which includes welded floors and inverted seams. Additionally, the windows are angled to block rain and the door is equipped with an overhead awning. Along with the tent, a high-quality rainfly is also included.


Our Favorite Features

  • Angled windows.The Montana utilizes an awesome feature called angled windows. The windows are built at a downward angle to prevent any rain from entering. This means you are able to leave the window open during rain and enjoy the breeze and airflow, while still keeping the interior dry. 
  • E-port access. There is a waterproof E-port access hole that allows you to easily bring an extension cord and electrical power into the tent.
Coleman Montana Tent E-Port Access

E-port electrical access.
  • Affordability. The Coleman Montana Tent is significantly lower-priced than the majority of other family camping tents that sleep the same amount of people. This is likely because the dome style of this tent requires much less material to manufacture than the cabin style tents.



  • Despite offering the features of the WeatherTec System from Coleman, some users report that the Montana Camping Tent did not hold up well during rainfall. Some owners experienced leaking seams and a wet floor. However, these results do not seem to be common among most of the tent’s users.
  • This tent is not ideal for colder weather. Cold breezes can be felt blowing through the tent walls.
  • While the tent setup process is fairly simple, it does take about 15 minutes to pitch the tent from start to finish.


What is Included?

When purchasing the Coleman Montana Tent you will receive a tent, poles, stakes, and a rainfly. Also included is a heavy-duty, expandable carry bag that makes storage and transportation easy and convenient.

Items Included with Coleman Montana Tent

Everything that is included.



  • Capacity: 8 people maximum. 6-7 people comfortably.
  • Size: 16 x 7 feetHeight: 74 inches (6’ 2”).
  • Weight: 22.3 pounds.
  • Size when packed: 27 x 8.5 x 8.5 inches.
  • Fabric type: Polyester.
  • Also includes: A large rainfly, a heavy-duty carry bag.
  • Warranty: Includes a 1 year limited warranty.





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