Coleman Red Canyon Camping Tent Review

Everything you need to know about the Coleman Red Canyon Camping Tent.

The Coleman Red Canyon Camping Tent is a popular model among camping families. Unlike most other large, family-sized camping tents, the Red Canyon is not cabin shaped. Instead, the tent is a classic dome style, with added extensions on both sides. This tent is spacious, very easy to set up, and is extremely weather resilient. You also have the ability to quickly install room dividers, creating a three room tent.

The Red Canyon Tent is one of the best tents for family camping. Let’s take a look at some of its features and see why we love it.


Tent Size

The Red Canyon Camping tent measures 17 x 10 feet in size, with a center height of 6 feet. With plenty of room inside, the tent comfortably sleeps up to 8 people. However, when gear and supplies are factored in, the tent realistically sleeps around 6 people while still maintaining a fair amount of space and comfort.

Red Canyon Tent Interior Size
Interior of the Red Canyon Tent

While the center height is 6 feet high, the height does decrease as you stray further from the center of the tent. This is obvious when you take a look at the tent’s shape and design. While this prevents you from walking around inside, that shouldn’t be much of an issue for most people. After all, tents are for sleeping!

If you would prefer a tent with more room to stand, we suggest you take a look at the Coleman Family Cabin Tent. The Cabin Tent features a cabin style design in which the walls are straight, so the standing room is increased significantly.


Weather Resistance

Like other high-quality camping tents from Coleman, the Red Canyon provides superb weather protection. It is equipped with Coleman’s signature WeatherTec technology, which we are huge fans of.

WeatherTec provides a few different weather resistant features. Protected, inverted seams prevent any moisture from leaking through vulnerable seams in the tent’s fabric. A wind-responsive frame absorbs the wind and ensures that the tent stays steady and upright. Most importantly, however, are the Red Canyon’s exceptionally waterproof floors — you can sleep comfortably knowing that you and the family will absolutely stay dry.

Red Canyon Camping Tent with Rainfly Attached
Red Canyon Camping Tent with Rainfly Attached.

In addition, the tent comes with a heavy-duty, removable rainfly. When attached, the rainfly covers the entire top of the tent and is very effective at keeping the rain out.


Features We Love

Room Dividers Create 3 Separate Rooms

The best feature of Coleman’s Red Canyon Camping Tent is absolutely the room dividers. The included dividers turn the large tent into three separate rooms. It is a perfect feature for kids who need their own space,  a family who needs an area for changing clothes, or any other reason that you may want some privacy.

The two dividers are very easy to attach and can be set up in just a minute or two. They also pack right up with the tent into the same carry bag, so now additional carry bags are necessary.

Instant Setup

Another great feature of the Red Canyon Tent is the easy set up. This tent is extremely easy to pitch. The design utilizes color-coded, pre-attached poles and hubs so you can easily tell which pieces to connect. The entire setup process is instant, and only takes about 60 seconds to set up. I have personally used this tent and can confirm that the setup process is a breeze. You’ll be relaxing inside the tent in no time.


What We Don’t Like

Low Airflow With Rainfly

When the rainfly is attached, some of the windows on the tent are blocked. This prevents airflow from traveling through the tent, so things can get a little bit stuffy. If it’s not too hot out, this obviously is not too big of a deal. Additionally, if the weather is nice, you can simply remove the rainfly and enjoy the airflow and breeze. 

Pole Splitting

While we have not experienced this issue ourselves, some users report that the tent’s design places too much stress on the poles. Some people have even reported that this caused the poles to split and splinter. 

Again, we have not had this issue ourselves and the majority of user reviews are extremely positive. 


What’s Included?

The Coleman Red Canyon Camping Tent includes a tent, poles, stakes, and a rainfly. Additionally, there are separate carry bags included — one for the tent, one for the poles, and one for the stakes.



  • Capacity: 8 people
  • Size: 17 x 10 feet
  • Height: 72 inches (6 feet) at the center
  • Weight: 21.5 pounds
  • Packed size: 25.2 x 9.5 x 9.5 inches
  • Fabric type: Durable Polyguard (polyester)
  • Also includes: A rainfly, color-coded poles, stakes, and carry bags.
Red Canyon Camping Tent Without Rainfly
Red Canyon camping tent with the rainfly removed.




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