NTK Laredo GT Tent Review

A full review of Laredo GT -- the waterproof, family camping tent.

When it’s time to take the family camping, you need a tent that can handle the job. The Laredo GT is a large, dependable camping tent from NTK. This tent is one of my favorites, I had the opportunity to sleep in it on a trip last fall, where it really held up nicely. It rained heavily during our second night, and the Laredo GT handled the weather like a champ. In my opinion, this is a top contender for best tents in the rain. It’s also a perfect choice for a family camping tent



Tent Size

The NTK Laredo GT Camping Tent is a large, spacious tent that is big enough for the whole family. The dimensions of the tent measure 10 x 15 feet, which is big enough to sleep 8 or 9 people. 

With a center height of 75 inches (6’ 3”), there’s plenty of room to stand up and walk around. 

Weather Resistance

Equipped with an innovative rainfly, the Laredo GT is one of the most waterproof tents available. The unique rainfly is double-layered polyester, laminated with a 2500 mm waterproof coating. For further protection, the seams are all heat sealed with no space for water to seep through. 

In addition, the tent floor is designed with a unique bath-tub construction to keep water from penetrating. A silver coated layer with the floor provides added protection. 

If you’re camping in areas that are subject to wet weather, this is the tent for you. It is truly waterproof. 


Features We Love

Full Coverage Rainfly

The Full Coverage Rainfly is seriously awesome. Even in the worst weather conditions, the whole tent remains dry, with no leaks. The roof doesn’t sag and the water rolls right off it.

Waterproof Floor

When it rains, a wet floor becomes a big problem in many tents. Rain water drains into the ground and spreads, which then seeps through the tent floor. To prevent this, campers usually lay a tarp down beneath the tent.

With the Laredo GT, however, the tarp isn’t necessary. The bathtub style floor and the silver layering keep 100% of the water out. I have used this tent in a rainstorm — you will not get wet!


What’s Included?

Along with the tent, the Laredo GT includes a full-coverage rainfly and a heavy duty carry bag. Additionally, the carry bag comes with an ID tag, which can be convenient for traveling. 



  • Capacity: 9 people
  • Size: 10 x 15 feet
  • Height: 75 inches (6’ 3”)
  • Weight: 24 pounds
  • Fabric type: Polyester
  • Also includes: Full coverage rainfly and a carry bag.




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