5 Best Warm Weather Tents – for Camping in Summer!

When the weather starts to get warmer, many families and friends head outdoors for camping trips and adventures. Camping is a great summer pastime, but during the hotter months of the year, sleeping in a tent can be difficult. If there are multiple people inside one tent, things can get hot and uncomfortable very quickly. To stay comfortable on those warm summer nights, it’s a good idea to get a tent with proper ventilation and design.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the 5 best tents for warm weather.


The 5 Best Warm Weather Tents

5.  Clostnature Lightweight Backpacking Tent

Clostnature 3-Season Backpacking Tent


The Clostnature Lightweight Backpacking Tent is made with a PU 5000 coating, which will provide excellent protection from unexpected rain. The size of the tent inside is 7’3” x 4’11” x 3’10” creating enough room for 2 people to stretch out. It weighs 5lbs 8oz and compacts to 16.5” x5.9” x5.9”, making it small enough to fit in your backpack. The mesh walls allow for a breeze from every direction, making it perfect for warm weather. There are two entrances, which means you will not have to climb over your camping partner to exit the tent. This tent is great for someone on a tight budget, as it is only $69.99 on Amazon. 


This lightweight tent is number 5 on my list because of its ventilation, durability, and price. 


  • Pitching the tent only takes 2 minutes.
  • The entire roof of the tent can come off, which is amazing for ventilation and air flow.
  • There are two vestibules for storing gear away from the sleeping area. 
  • It is lightweight & easy to carry.


  • There is only one entrance.
  • This tent does not have a footprint.


4. Kelty Late Start Warm Weather Tent

Kelty Late Start Warm Weather Tent


The Kelty Late Start Backpacking Tent is a freestanding tent that is great for camping in a climate that might have unexpected rain. It is protected by a 68 denier rainfly, and all seams are sealed, making it 1800mm waterproof. This tent comes in 3 different sizes: one-person, two-people, and four-people. The size of the one-person one is 85” x 40” x 30,” making an interior area of 20.6 square feet and costs $139.95. The two-people tent is 85” x 54” x 40,” creating 29.5 square feet. The two-people size costs $159.95. The three-people size is 99” x 81” x 56” making enough room for 3 people to stretch out. The four-people size costs $239.95. This tent has only one vestibule for gear storage. 


This tent is perfect for camping anywhere. with easy assembly. It’s spacious, portable, and can withstand wind and rain. 


  • Because it is freestanding, you can pitch the tent first, before choosing a final location. Essentially, the tent is still movable after it is pitched.
  • There is storage space inside.
  • The tent is available in multiple sizes.
  • With a strong frame, it can effectively withstand wind.


  • There is no vent in the outer tent layer.
  • There is only one door to enter and exit the tent.


3. Hyke & Byke Yosemite Warm Weather Tent

Hyke & Byke Yosemite Warm Weather Tent


The Hyke & Byke Yosemite Backpacking Tent is number three on my list because it is incredibly lightweight, very roomy, and the top tent layer comes off. Mesh walls allow for a 360 breeze and allow for star-gazing. The freestanding tent had two entrances and two vestibules for your hiking boots or gear. It includes a 5000 PU footprint and 2000 PU material that makes up the top layer of the tent and the interior to keep rainwater out. This tent packs down pretty small, weighing only 4 lbs, meaning you can easily backpack with it. This tent costs $97.97 and has a lifetime warranty! 


This tent is on my list because of its roomy, lightweight, and breezy for a reasonable price.


  • Lightweight & easy to carry.
  • Spacious interior.
  • Great airflow and ventilation to keep you cool.
  • Extra storage areas.
  • Affordable, low cost.
  • Includes a lifetime warranty.


  • Fabric is thinner to keep the weight down, so you have to be careful not to snag it in the zipper.


2. Hyke & Byke Zion Backpacking Tent

Hyke & Byke Zion Summer Backpacking Tent


The Hyke & Byke Zion Backpacking Tent is number two on my list because of its weight and breathability. It’s 360 mesh walls make it great for star-gazing. This tent is pitched with only one pole making it quick and easy to set up. A PU 5000 footprint is included in this set. Its dimensions are 90” x 103 in” x 42” comfortably fitting two people and some gear. It packs down pretty small at 17.75” x 6.3” and weighs less than 3lbs. It cost $98.97 and comes with a lifetime warranty.  


This product’s one-pole design and weight of just 3 pounds are the feature highlights of this tent. 


  • Quick set up time.
  • Lightweight & easy to carry.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Spacious interior.
  • Two vestibules.
  • Two doors.
  • 360 mesh walls for increased airflow and ventilation.


  • Taking the footprint adds extra weight (1 lb).
  • Aside from black, the only available color options are bright and vibrant. 


1. Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup

Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup


The Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup is by far the BEST tent for warm weather. It has incredible features that will make your camping experience much more enjoyable. You can order a four-people, six-people, or ten-people sized tent. This tent is made to block out 90% of sunlight, reducing temperatures for maximum comfort. The base of the tent curves up to keep water out. Its durable frame can withstand winds up to 35 mph. The entire set-up or take-down time is 1 minute. The four-people tent costs $99, the six-person tent costs $135, and the ten-person tent costs $290… But the price is well worth it!

Full Review: Coleman Cabin Tent


  • Size. Unlike our other favorite warm weather tents, the Coleman Cabin Tent is a family camping tent. As a result, the tent can comfortably fit up to ten people or a total of FIVE queen-sized air mattresses. In this tent, the whole family will sleep comfortably, even when it’s hot outside.
  • “Dark Room Technology.” The Coleman Cabin Tent has what Coleman refers to as “Dark Room Technology.” This blocks 90% of the sunlight from entering through the tent ceiling and walls, which significantly reduces the temperature inside. Because of this, the Cabin Tent is by far the best tent for beating the heat on those hot summer days.


  • The Cabin Tent has a very high 6’7” ceiling, which provides the ability to stand up and walk around inside.
  • The fabric and rainfly block 90% of sunlight from entering the tent through the ceiling or walls.
  • When compared to any other tent on the market, the Cabin Tent has a significantly cooler interior temperature.
  • The mesh ceiling provides excellent airflow and ventilation inside.


  • Because the tent is family sized, the tent weighs a hefty 22 pounds.
  • With the increased size and weight, it is less portable and more difficult to transport.
  • Due to its large size, it is more expensive.


Warm Weather Tents FAQ

Can you bring a camping tent to the beach?

Many camping tents, especially larger models, are not ideal for use on the beach. Large camping tents are difficult to pitch in sand and also present a hassle when it comes to cleaning and removing the sand later on. However, small, lightweight backpacking tents are great for beach use, especially if they are freestanding. For those who plan to visit the beach regularly, we recommend considering a beach tent. Regardless of the tent, if you are bringing it to the beach, make sure it is well ventilated with good air flow.

How portable are warm weather tents?

The portability of each warm weather tent depends on its size and weight. Tents that are marketed as backpacking tents are generally very lightweight and portable. All of the warm weather tents we reviewed, with the exception of the Coleman Cabin Tent, can easily fit into a standard size backpack.

How durable are warm weather tents? 

These tents are pretty durable. Tents 3 and 2 are less durable but that is because the fabric is made thin for maximum breathability. 


Final Thoughts

Here are a few things to consider if you still haven’t decided which warm weather tent is the right choice for you.

  • If you are choosing based on price, then the Clostnature Backpacking Tent will be the one you want because it’s the most inexpensive. Plus, if you have Amazon Prime, then you get free 2-day shipping!
  • If you are buying based on features, the Coleman Cabin Tent will be the best bang for your buck; just keep in mind that since it is bigger, that makes it heavier.
  • For a larger interior that is still be a lightweight, the Kelty Late Start Camping Tent is a great option.
  • For a very lightweight tent that can be pitched quickly and easily, we recommend the Hyke & Byke Yosemite Tent.
  • If you are going to want to cut off an extra lb and reduce your pitching time, then go with the Hyke & Byke Zion Tent.

Ultimately the choice is up to you and your budget, but hopefully, we have provided you with enough information to choose the perfect warm weather tent for you. Stay cool out there.

Happy camping!

Is there a warm weather tent that you love to bring camping? We would love to try it out! Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.



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