5 Best Backpacking Saws – Portable Saws for Camping

When you’re out camping, a dependable backpacking saw can make your life a whole lot easier. A lightweight folding saw is a very versatile tool that can be useful in many different situations. For instance, you might need a saw to cut through bushes or thick vegetation while hiking. A saw with a serrated edge can easily cut through wood, branches, tree limbs, thick foliage, and even bones. In addition, a portable saw can also be used to help with meal preparation and cooking.

Dependability, strength, rugged design, and built-in safety features are a few of the many characteristics you should look for in a good, portable saw. Let’s take a look at the five best backpacking saws to see which one is best suited for your next camping adventure.


The 5 Best Backpacking Saws

1. Friendly Swede Folding Backpacking Saw

Friendly Swede Folding Backpacking Saw


Dexterity, ease of use, and maneuverability are a few features you will appreciate in this backpacking saw. The Friendly Swede Folding Hand Saw features a serrated edge that can cut through the bushes and thick foliage during a hike. It’s great for ambidextrous users or those who want an ergonomic designed grip. The grip handle fits comfortably into your hand for quick movements on the go. Additionally, the saw features a durable paracord and can double up so you can carry the saw around your wrist. Since the saw is so lightweight and portable, it’s perfect to carry during a hiking or backpacking trip.


Several characteristics set the Friendly Swede backpacking saw apart from others including:

  • The ergonomic grip and freedom of grip for left/right-handed users.
  • The serrated edge is ideal for sawing, cutting, or digging into hard materials.
  • It can be used to help you cut through the bush and vegetation, cut through bones during meal prep.
  • The paracord can serve as a fishing line, help you prepare/tie down the hammock, or serve as a tourniquet if you are injured; it also folds away for safe storage.


There are some drawbacks worth mentioning with with the Friendly Swede backpacking saw as well including:

  • The spring-loaded mechanism can jam and become unable to close.
  • It’s serrated, so might not be good for general cutting (use for meal prep with some dishes).
  • Some users complain the blade dulls quickly.


2. EverSaw Folding Hand Saw

EverSaw Folding Hand Saw for Backpacking


A second option for those who are looking for great backpacking tools is the EverSaw Folding Hand Saw.  The saw has an 8-inch blade with a serrated edge. It is, however, important to note that this saw cuts with a pull stroke and is not designed for push stroke cutting. 

For more control, the EverSaw features an ergonomic grip handle that really feels comfortable in your hand while cutting or sawing, regardless of the angle. When it is not in use, the folding design keeps it safe and easy to store or transport.


Some great features this hand saw features includes:

  • The folding design ensures safety when the blade isn’t in use.
  • The serrated edge can cut through thick, grainy, or otherwise tough/rugged materials or items during your camping trip.
  • The rugged, 8-inch blade has a triple-cut razor, with deep teeth and grooves to help in challenging situations.
  • The ergonomic handle is slip-resistant, so you can use it in wet or watery conditions if needed.
  • The gear lock decompresses easily to store the blade, and the rubberized grip handle ensures optimal comfort for users when cutting through the rough bush, trees, bones, or other items you come across during your backpacking trip.
  • Lifetime warranty.


How about the drawbacks? A few things that we don’t love about this backpacking saw are:

  • It’s not heavy-duty, the blade isn’t as sturdy as other products (affordable price is lesser quality than competitor’s products).
  • Some owners have complained that the blade isn’t very sharp and that it’s not easy to close the blade when not in use.
  • Some owners have complained the design of the saw is flimsy, and won’t withstand heavier duty use in rugged outdoor conditions. However, the majority of owners have not had a problem. 
  • Replacement blades are not available. However, with such a low price point, it is more feasible to just replace the entire saw if the blade eventually becomes dull.


3. Rexbeti Backpacking Saw

Rexbeti Backpacking Saw


The heavy-duty, extra-long 11-inch blade can get you through any difficult situations you may come across during a hiking trip or backpacking journey. This Rexbeti Folding Saw is a great option for wood camping, or even dry pruning if you’re working outside your home in the garden. When unfolded, the fully extended length is a whopping 22 inches.

The saw features hard teeth with a 7 TPI design which will easily cut through almost any material you will encounter outdoors. Additionally, the staggered teeth and large blade are durable enough that the saw will cut efficiently using either push or pull strokes.

When the saw is not in use, it folds into a compact size that you can safely store it in your pocket, pants, or belt when it is not in use.


We are big fans of this model. There are several great features that set the Rexbeti backpacking saw apart from similar saws:

  • The 11-inch blade is longer than other products on this list, so it can cut through larger items with ease.
  • The folding design allows for quick and easy storage when the blade’s not in use.
  • The SK-5 steel is durable, won’t rust, and can be used in wet or dry conditions safely.
  • A rubber grip is ergonomic and slip-resistant, so you won’t injure yourself working in wet, rainy, or other outdoor conditions.
  • The aggressive teeth (7 TPI rated) are going to cut through wood, branches, bone, and other materials as you encounter them on your journey.


For those considering this Rexbeti saw, it’s important to note the cons as well. These include

  • The blade does dull quickly, so you’re going to have to sharpen it regularly.
  • Replacement blades are not available. However, with a price point below $20 USD, the entire saw can easily be replaced.
  • Some users claim the blade doesn’t lock when in a closed position, meaning you still have to be very careful to prevent injuries.
  • For bones and other rough items, it takes longer to saw through these items, than a shorter saw that doesn’t dull as easily.


4. Bahco 396-LAP Backpacking Saw

Bahco 396-LAP Backpacking Saw


The Bahco 390-LAP backpacking saw is a great choice for backpackers and campers. The saw features a 7.5-inch blade. It also features XT-teeth, and a TPI (teeth per inch) rating of 7.  The higher TPI means the saw it great for cutting green, dry wood, plastic, bone, or other debris in the wilderness (or in your backyard). In addition, the blade works efficiently with both push and pull strokes.


Some of the best features of this backpacking saw include:

  • The 7 TPI is in line with larger blades (so you get the same number of teeth, in a shorter blade size).
  • It does fold and locks for storage.
  • Affordable replacement blades are available.
  • It features a rust-protection coating.
  • The safety lock can be used for a lock-in or lock-out positions.
  • It features an ergonomic grip handle, that’s non-slip.


Some drawbacks of this product include:

  • A shorter blade than the competitor’s products.
  • Some owners claim the liner lock doesn’t work 100% of the time.
  • Some also claim the saw’s blade is flimsy, so it might not cut through the most rugged items easily.


5. Corona RS 7245 Portable Saw

Corona RS 7245 Portable Saw


The Corona RS 7245 Saw is a strong, compact, portable hand saw. The 7-inch curved blade saw is ideal for your next camping trip or backpacking adventure. With a TIP rating of 6, the saw can cut through branches and limbs up to 3 inches in diameter without requiring too much force.

Curved blades are great for cutting through branches above your head and below your waist, while straight blades are more difficult to use at those angles. If you are planning to cut through elevated tree branches, the curved blade Corona RS Saw is an excellent choice.


The Corona RS Saw is a fantastic camping tool. A few things that we love about this saw are:

  • The curved blade design is great for a follow-through motion.
  • It can cut items up to 3 inches in diameter.
  • It has an ergonomic grip, comfortable handle.
  • A razor-tooth blade design results in cleaner cuts.
  • A pistol grip mitigates slippage when working quickly through the bush or thick vegetation.


Some drawbacks consumers note include:

  • Some claim the chrome blade dulls quickly.
  • It isn’t rust-proof/protected like other blades.
  • Some people complain the blade is flimsy/thin and can snap if sawing intensely.



Buyer’s Guide: What to Look for in a Backpacking Saw

While camping knives are a great tool for backpacking or camping, many people prefer something a little more heavy duty. A high-quality backpacking saw is the next logical step (unless you want a badass camping hatchet)! 

Obviously, as long as the price is reasonable, you want to buy the best backpacking saw possible. However, before you start shopping, it is important to know what features you should consider to make sure you purchase a high-quality, dependable saw.


TPI refers to teeth per inch. A good TPI rating is 6 to 8. This does not necessarily mean the blade is this length, it instead refers to the amount of serrated teeth on the blade. The higher the TPI, the easier you’ll find it to saw, cut, and get through rugged items out in the open.

Folding Design

In order for camping tools to be compact and portable, a folding design is a crucial feature. In recent years, many manufacturers have begun making folding, portable versions of outdoor tools that are typically large. This is true for many different types of tools including portable saws, camping shovels, and telescopic fishing rods.

For backpackers, it is even more important to find tools that are compact, lightweight, and durable. We recommend opting for a saw that utilizes a folding design. Folding saws provide the best balance of durability and portability.

Here is an awesome video that quickly explains the differences between bow saws and folding saws, as well as the advantages and drawbacks of each:


Safety Mechanism

The last thing you want is for the backpacking saw to open when it’s in your pocket, right? You don’t want cut hands or injuries on the hiking trail when you pull it out, only to find it opened in the folding mechanism. So, make sure to choose a backpacking saw which features a folding/lock mechanism design as well.

Stainless Steel Blade

A stainless steel blade is

  • Rust-proof
  • Doesn’t bend or break easily
  • Can be used in wet or dry conditions

In addition, a stainless steel blade is strong, rugged, and dependable. It can handle thick foliage and vegetation, and it can be used for various projects around the campsite. You aren’t limited to using the saw for just backpacking either! Camping saws are great for working in the garden. They’re also perfect for countless other jobs around the house, garage, and yard. The lightweight and portability of backpacking saws make them a convenient solution for many different situations, both on and off the campsite.


Final Thoughts

Best Overall Choice

We are huge fans of the The Friendly Swede Hand Saw. Overall, this is the best choice for a high-quality portable saw. It not only features a serrated blade that is ideal for cutting and sawing, but the folding design and lock mechanism ensures you remain safe when the saw is not in use. The compact design and ergonomic grip, along with the rubber non-slip grip handle, make it safe, accurate, and easy to use.

Additionally, the paracord is a nice bonus that most other compact saws do not feature. The paracord allows you to conveniently carry the saw with you at all times so you can be ready to get the job done. Combined with the compact folded size and its impressive light weight, the Friendly Swede saw is perfect for backpacking, camping, and hiking.

Best Budget Choice

If your adventure has a smaller budget, the Rexbeti backpacking saw is a great option to consider. It is strong, lightweight and affordable. The saw features an 11-inch blade, which is longer than the other saws we reviewed, as well as most portable saws on the market. 

Some users do claim the blade dulls quickly, but the SK-5 finish ensures that it won’t rust in rainy or wet conditions. Additionally the saw does have a closing mechanism, but some users complain that it doesn’t lock effectively. Therefore, the first few times you carry it, you’ll have to keep an eye out to ensure that it doesn’t unintentionally open up. 

When it comes time to plan your next camping or backpacking trip, remember, the right supplies will make the adventure all the more enjoyable! High-quality camping tools are very dependable and ensure safety, fun, and relaxation while out in the great outdoors. Everybody enjoys different campsite activities, so It’s important to make sure you choose the right tools for your own camping needs. Most importantly, though, make sure you have fun out there!

Happy Camping!


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